Technology has revolutionized the way we care for ourselves and monitor our own health and wellbeing and has certainly modernized the options for caring for our children. Now, with BabyWatch, there’s an easy way to monitor the health, safety, and wellbeing of your child at all times – even when you’re apart.

BabyWatch also helps parents by offering valuable information about their child’s sleep habits, as well as guidance on ways to improve sleep by comparing a child’s sleep to expert recommendations and the BabyWatch data set.

BabyWatch offers parents comfort and reassurance about the health and safety of their child through easy to access data, any time, anywhere.

BabyWatch is a wearable device for children 1-5 years that monitors your child’s

  • Temperature
  • Heartrate
  • Stress
  • Location
  • Sleep

BabyWatch alleviates stress about how your baby is doing when you’re apart. An easy to use mobile app allows you to remotely check in on your child, and also offers one central place to view photos, naps, playtime, and other notable moments.

A wearable peace of mind, BabyWatch works with childcare providers by monitoring children’s temperature, sleep, activity, and heart rate in real time to protect and detect individual wellness. We help take the guess work out of parenting by elevating the childcare experience through photo sharing, location tracking, AI sleep recommendations, and personal and community forums.

BabyWatch aims to give parents peace of mind and a helping hand in keeping your baby safe, healthy and well cared for.

Peace of mind - Always connected
Protect - promote safety and early detection

BabyWatch not only protects and detects child wellness enabling better care, it provides an unprecedented level of support and real time peace-of-mind.

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At BabyWatch, we’re all about information.

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